Commercial Tree Trimming & tree removal

Are your trees looking a little out of control? Let us trim them!


Tree Trimming.

Get rid of those dead branches.

Did you know that overgrown tree branches are a danger to your property? From falling limbs that can damage buildings and vehicles to overhanging branches that can interfere with power lines, trimming back your trees is an inexpensive way to prevent costly problems and keep your property looking its best. Reliable Lawn Care offers commercial tree trimming services in Regina to help you avoid the dangers of overgrown trees while preserving the natural beauty of your property. If you're a business owner or property manager who wants your trees trimmed without any hassle, contact Reliable Lawn Care today.

Tree Removal.

Keep your property safe.

If you have a tree on your commercial property that is dead or dying, it is a serious hazard to your home and property. Reliable Lawn Care can help by removing the tree safely while also protecting your home and property. We have the right tools and experience needed to remove trees quickly and efficiently. We also offer other tree services such as pruning, fertilizing, mulching, stump grinding and more! Contact Reliable Lawn Care today to have a licensed ISA arborist assess your tree needs. Whether it's tree inventory, tree assessment or tree removal, we can get the job done.


ISA Certified Arborist

The professionals at Reliable Lawn are trained and knowledgeable in all aspects of arboriculture. We adhere to the Code of Ethics outlined by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) which strengthens the credibility and reliability of our industry.